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Which Celebrity Cruise Ships Are Sailing From Southampton in 2024?

Which Celebrity Cruise Ships Are Sailing From Southampton in 2024?

Among the top choices for sailing out of Southampton in 2024 are the luxurious Celebrity Cruises. In particular, the spotlight is on Celebrity Apex, the latest gem in the Celebrity Cruises fleet, as it takes centre stage for several sailings departing from the historic port of Southampton.

Celebrity Apex

Celebrity Apex, the second ship in the Edge series, is set to make waves in 2024 with its state-of-the-art design and unmatched luxury. Boasting a sleek exterior and modern interiors, this ship is a true marvel. The resort-like atmosphere, coupled with cutting-edge technology, promises an unparalleled cruise experience for passengers.

Southampton Departures: A Convenient Gateway

Celebrity Cruises has strategically chosen Southampton as a departure point for some of its 2024 itineraries. This decision not only caters to the growing demand for cruises departing from the United Kingdom but also allows passengers to embark on their journeys from a port steeped in maritime history. Southampton, with its rich nautical heritage and easy accessibility, serves as the perfect gateway for those seeking a hassle-free start to their cruise adventure.

Celebrity Apex Itineraries from Southampton

Among the exciting Celebrity Cruises departing from Southampton, the itineraries featuring Celebrity Apex are particularly enticing. Travellers can expect a range of options, from short escapes to extended voyages, each offering a unique blend of cultural exploration, scenic beauty, and onboard entertainment.

  • Majestic Mediterranean Escape: Cruise aficionados can embark on a journey through the sun-soaked Mediterranean, exploring iconic ports of call in Spain, Italy, and Greece. From the historic streets of Rome to the picturesque landscapes of Santorini, this itinerary promises a delightful blend of culture and relaxation.
  • Northern Europe Discovery: For those yearning to witness the beauty of Northern Europe, Celebrity Apex offers a captivating itinerary featuring destinations such as Scandinavia and the Baltics. Immerse yourself in the enchanting charm of cities like Copenhagen and St. Petersburg while enjoying the sophisticated comforts of the ship.
  • Transatlantic Crossing: Adventure-seekers can opt for a transatlantic crossing, a timeless and iconic voyage that harks back to the golden age of ocean liners. Savor the luxury of days at sea, indulging in Celebrity Apex’s world-class amenities, before arriving at exciting destinations in the Americas.

4. Onboard Experiences: Unmatched Luxury at Sea

Celebrity Apex is not just a means of transportation; it’s a destination in itself. Passengers can indulge in a myriad of experiences onboard, from the innovative Magic Carpet, a cantilevered venue offering breathtaking views, to the rooftop garden, where lush greenery meets modern design. Culinary enthusiasts can delight in a diverse array of dining options, including specialty restaurants curated by renowned chefs.

With Celebrity Apex leading the way from Southampton in 2024, passengers can anticipate not only the beauty of the destinations but also the unparalleled luxury and innovation that define the Celebrity Cruises experience.

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