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Princess Cruise Ships Sailing From Southampton In 2025

Princess Cruise Ships Sailing From Southampton In 2025

As the allure of cruising continues to capture the hearts of adventurers, Princess Cruises is gearing up for an exciting lineup of sailings from the historic port of Southampton in 2025.

Crown Princess

Kicking off the list is the Crown Princess, a vessel known for its refined elegance and top-notch amenities. In 2025, the Crown Princess will be setting sail from Southampton, offering passengers the chance to explore diverse itineraries. From the sun-soaked Mediterranean to the rugged beauty of the Norwegian fjords, this ship promises a royal cruise experience.

Emerald Princess

The Emerald Princess, with its spacious decks and inviting atmosphere, is set to grace Southampton’s waters in 2025. Travellers can anticipate journeys to captivating destinations such as the Baltic Sea and Northern Europe. Immerse yourself in the rich history of St. Petersburg, explore the charming streets of Copenhagen, and discover the beauty of the Emerald Princess’s carefully curated itineraries.

Regal Princess

Returning to Southampton in 2025, the Regal Princess continues to set the standard for modern luxury cruising. From exploring the iconic cities of the Mediterranean to venturing into the enchanting landscapes of Northern Europe, passengers on the Regal Princess can expect a blend of sophistication and adventure that defines the Princess Cruises experience.

Majestic Princess

True to its name, the Majestic Princess will be making waves in Southampton in 2025. This ship is set to embark on a variety of itineraries, including journeys to the captivating landscapes of Asia. From the vibrant markets of Hong Kong to the serene beaches of Thailand, the Majestic Princess offers a truly majestic exploration of the Far East.

Star Princess

The Star Princess is set to shine brightly in Southampton’s harbour in 2025. It will beaking passengers on voyages to the beautiful landscapes of Alaska and the Pacific Coast. Experience the awe-inspiring glaciers, witness the wildlife of the Last Frontier, and enjoy the comfort and luxury that the Star Princess brings to every journey.

Sky Princess

Concluding our exploration of Princess Cruise Ships departing from Southampton in 2025 is the Sky Princess. With its contemporary design and innovative features, this ship will be sailing to various destinations, offering passengers a chance to explore the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, and beyond. Indulge in the Sky Princess’s luxurious amenities while discovering the treasures of the world.

In 2025, Princess Cruises invites you to set sail from Southampton aboard some magnificent cruise ships. For more information, call us 02380 658 386!

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