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The Meaning Of An Upside Down Pineapple

The Meaning Of An Upside Down Pineapple

Upside down pineapples have been a heated topic of discussion and speculation in the cruising industry for years. A pineapple has often been seen as a code for swinging and sticking an upside down pineapple on your stateroom door is seen as enticing other couples into joining your ‘adult fun’. 

However, what if you want to wear pineapple clothing without inviting swinging couples? Does the pineapple need to be upside down on the door?

What is the real meaning of an upside down pineapple on cruise ships? 

Pineapples, on cruise ships and on land, are used as a secret symbol for swingers to identify each other. A pineapple badge, piece of clothing or stuck on someone’s door can mean they are looking for a partner swap or using it as an invitation to a swinger party. 

Cruises For Swingers

There are specific cruise itineraries which are designed with swingers in mind, where everyone onboard is there for the same thing and all have the same mindset. There’s also naturist cruise itineraries, meaning clothing is optional at all times of day and night. Swinging cruises have been popular for well over a decade. The first ever swingers cruise was launched in 2008 by YOLO Cruises. 

Cruises of this nature are referred to as ‘lifestyle cruises’. However, there are many people who are swingers who attend normal cruises too. They keep an open mind about the guests they might meet onboard and can make their preferences more obvious by using the upside down pineapple symbol.

Decorating Cabin Doors

Decorating your stateroom door is the easiest way to identify yourself as a swinging couple. It attracts attention and invites other couples to knock on your door. The idea is that, if this is what you are looking for, you can wander through the multiple decks of cabins and try to spot an upside down pineapple stuck on a door. 

People who are going onboard specifically to find like-minded couples can plan to meet up before they embark. On social media, there are specific groups on Facebook where people might ask who is on a particular sailing using the pineapple emoji. In this case, it would be a confident suggestion that they are looking to meet others onboard who take part in the ‘pineapple-lifestyle’.

The History of the Pineapple as a symbol 

Hawaii first created the ‘upside down pineapple cake’ to serve when guests came to visit, so it became a symbol of hospitality in the country. Pineapples were also considered an affluent fruit and they were often used as centrepieces for dinner parties. Swingers then adopted this symbol, accommodating others to join their lifestyle. 

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