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10 Things You Don’t Need To Pack On A Cruise

10 Things You Don’t Need To Pack On A Cruise

Going on a cruise can be an exciting adventure, but packing for it can be a daunting task. With so many things to consider, it’s easy to overpack and end up with a cluttered cabin. To help you pack smarter for your next cruise, here are ten things you don’t need to pack on a cruise:

1. Towels: All cruise lines provide plenty of towels for their guests. You can find them in your cabin, or by the pool and in the Spa.

2. Hairdryer: Cabins usually come with hairdryers, so leave yours at home. If you’re not sure, check with your cruise line before you pack.

3. Iron: Cruise lines prohibit irons in cabins, due to fire hazards. If you need something ironed, most ships offer laundry and pressing services for an extra fee.

4. Formal Wear: Although some cruises have formal nights, you don’t need to pack a tuxedo or a ball gown. A nice dress or a suit will suffice on the majority of ships.

5. Beach Towels: If you’re planning to visit the beach, you don’t need to pack beach towels. Most ships provide them, and you can return them at the end of the day.

6. Snorkel Gear: If you’re planning to go snorkelling, you don’t need to bring your own gear. Many cruise lines offer rental equipment, and it’s often more affordable than buying your own.

7. Multiple pairs of shoes: You don’t need to bring a separate pair of shoes for every outfit. Stick to comfortable walking shoes, flip flops, and dress shoes for formal occasions.

8. Bedding: Cruise lines provide bedding, so you don’t need to bring your own. However, if you have specific needs or preferences, you may want to check with your cruise line to see what options are available. Some cruise lines even offer pillow menus!

9. Excessive amounts of cash: All cruise lines offer cashless systems,  that allow you to charge purchases to your onboard account. You can bring a small amount of cash for tips or souvenirs, but you don’t need to bring a large amount of money. If you’re planning to hit the casino then you can even charge your onboard account to play the slot machines, or exchange for chips on the tables.

10. Over-the-Counter Medications: Cruise ships have medical centres that offer over-the-counter medications for common ailments such as headaches or motion sickness. If you have specific medical needs, you should bring your own medications.

Packing for a cruise doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By leaving these ten items at home, you can save space in your luggage and enjoy a more comfortable and stress-free holiday.

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