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Where Can I Cruise To From Southampton?

Where Can I Cruise To From Southampton?

Which destinations can I cruise to from Southampton?

You may think you know where you can sail away to from Southampton; with our World Cruises you can go wherever your heart desires.

Whether you’re wanting to sail along the Channel Islands and explore more about British heritage, a themed cruise to entertain the family or whether you want to escape the British weather and head on a cruise to sunny Australia , maybe, you’re thinking of everything in between? Southampton serves as your gateway to a truly global cruising experience.

USA/ Canada:

Your cruise from Southampton kicks off with a transatlantic journey towards the USA From the bustling cities of the USA to the picturesque landscapes of Canada, you’ll witness the diverse beauty of this continent. Here you will be able to stand in awe at the iconic skylines of New York City, explore the historic streets of Boston, and embrace the natural wonders of Nova Scotia.


As you sail south, the turquoise waters of the Caribbean beckon. Here you take in the tropical beauty of The Virgin Islands, a paradise of sun-soaked beaches, vibrant cultures and enticing local cuisines. Immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere of Jamaica and discover the rich background and colourful landscapes.

Central America:

Setting sail from Southampton toward Central America, travelling through the World’s Idyllic Islands, discovering the beautiful wildlife of Antigua and Barbuda. Arriving in Central America where Belize and Panama await. Dive into the pristine waters of Belize’s barrier reef, home to a kaleidoscope of marine life, and explore the engineering marvels of Panama Canal.

South America:

The vibrant continent of South America unfolds with a stop in Brazil, where the rhythm of samba fills the air, visit one of the seven new wonders of the world and go on a hike to Christ the Redeemer, or dance the night away on Copacabana beach.


Cruises from the South of England can take you to the heart of Europe. Chase the Northern Lights in Norway, savour Belgian chocolates in Bruges, cruise through the picturesque Dutch waterways and visit the picturesque canals of Amsterdam, different cruise lines can help you explore the illustrious sites of Germany, Spain, Croatia, Iceland, Scotland, and Morocco. Uncover the charm of Ireland, the elegance of Sweden, the romance of France and the beauty of Italy.

Australia and New Zealand:

New Zealand awaits as you set sail to Australasia. Discovering the art, the culture and spending time spotting the rare marine life on a Whale and Dolphin Safari, Auckland is also described as one of the most beautiful places on earth to skydive. All before arriving in Australia, where you can explore the vibrant cities this country has to offer, take a tour of Sydney Opera house, embark on a brief excursion to the Australia Zoo in Brisbane, and visit the wildlife habitat in Cairns.


Cruise through the luxurious Dubai, discover the combination of a modern metropolis with a timeless sensibility and Arabian flair. Before heading to Sri Lanka to soak in the rich history and cultural treasures, lastly, sailing through Singapore and trying all the food The Lion City has to offer.


Create memories that will last a lifetime by sailing to Egypt from Southampton, experience the red sea, clear waters, coral reefs, and Naama Bay, with a palm tree-lined promenade.

A cruise from Southampton to these diverse locations offer you a chance to experience the world in a brand new light, with unforgettable landscapes, wildlife, art, culture, food and sport. Pack your bags, set sail from Southampton and let the adventures begin. Take a look at our past blog best places to cruise month by month to help decide where you should embark from Southampton to.

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