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Virgin Voyages: Let Us Entertain You

Virgin Voyages: Let Us Entertain You

Virgin Voyages prides themselves on phenomenal entertainment onboard every single on of their lady ships. They swap classic Broadway productions for modern, immersive entertainment. From first-to-sea shows to festival-like lineups, these exciting shows are developed by the world’s most talked about directors and choreographers.

Scarlet Night

Step into the enchanting world of Scarlet Night, a captivating and immersive extravaganza that commemorates the legendary romance between the enigmatic Goddess of the Sea and the Sailor who captured her heart. Prepare to be transported into a realm of extraordinary wonders as the entire ship transforms into a vibrant spectacle of joy and fascination. Witness breathtaking pop-up circus acts, engage in interactive games, unleash your inner superstar through karaoke, immerse yourself in captivating myths, and revel in the electrifying energy of live music.

Brace yourself for an unforgettable finale—a pool drenched in crimson hues, where you can unleash your inhibitions and revel in an unparalleled dance party that defies all expectations. Scarlet Night guarantees an experience that will leave you breathless, surpassing anything you have ever encountered before.

PJ Party

Because the name of the game is comfort, the dress code is simple: wear pajamas. Cozy PJs, zany PJs, even onesies — all styles welcome. Surprises will unravel through the night as you party with divas, rock stars, your best friends, and your new friends. There are plenty of comfy places to lounge, so snag a spot to cool off between dance numbers.

Embrace the essence of relaxation, where the ultimate objective is pure comfort. The dress code is refreshingly straightforward: slip into your favourite pajamas. Whether you prefer snug and cosy sleepwear, quirky and eccentric designs, or even adorable onesies, all styles are warmly embraced. Take a moment to relax and recharge between dance numbers, finding solace in these inviting spaces.

Epic Onboard Productions

Untitled DanceShow PartyThing – this music video, club-like scene is an amazing dance party produced by Sam Pinkleton and Ani Taj especially for Virgin Voyages. Plus, an added dash of old-fashioned flair.

Duel Reality – this is a fast-paced retelling of Romeo & Juliet with an exhilarating circus twist. Produced by the 7 fingers, two groups perform graceful and death-defying tricks.

Ships in the Night – this dramatic show explores the significance of incidental connections we make on our own personal journeys through the use of ethereal technology and electrifying choreography.

It’s a Ship Show! – as the Manor transforms into a supper club, this show is old-school variety hour meets late night talk show. With delicious food, live music, comedy and exclusive performances, this show is the ship!

Festival Stage Acts – this festival-style performance hosts a rotation of comedians, magicians and specialty artists.

Studio 72 – bringing out the best of disco music, this onboard night club brings a feeling of euphoria. Music played here is inspired by the 70s and 80s.

Heartbeat – this epic dance party is a celebration of artistic expression through the mirrored halls. The dance floor boasts a mix of house, groove, funk, pop and disco.

Miss Behave Show – this entertaining game show is like nothing you have ever witnessed before.

We Fancy – this party celebrates confidence and freedom. Come as your fanciest self and join in a night full of exuberance and glamour.

Persephone – this immersive experience tells the classic, ancient Greek story of Persephone and her journey as she explores the world. The story is brought to life in a modern, exhilarating way.

Another Rose – an acrobatic love story meets a celebratory dinner party. This experience, produced by Randy Weiner, is a marvellous feast for the sense, equal parts cabaret and theatre.

Lola’s Library – this later-at-night literary affair doesn’t exactly resemble your local library. Lola, alongside other characters, takes you through an eclectic book collection of fairytales, horror, crime and beyond. Think a blend between cocktail soiree and immersive cabaret.

Mind Mangler– this new, hilarious comedy is a guaranteed night filled with laughter and  mind-bending silliness.

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