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Top 10 Water Slides On Cruise Ships

Top 10 Water Slides On Cruise Ships

Cruise ships offer a variety of entertainment options, but one of the most exciting and adrenaline-pumping activities on board is undoubtedly the water slides. With innovative designs and thrilling drops, these water slides are a major attraction for guests of all ages. Take a look at the top 10 water slides on cruise ships.

Perfect Storm – Royal Caribbean

The Perfect Storm on Royal Caribbean’s ships is a trio of water slides that will leave you breathless. Cyclone, Typhoon, and Supercell are the names of the three slides, and they offer different experiences, from a swirling ride and hair-raising twists to a steep drop. 

AquaDuck – Disney Cruise Line

Disney’s AquaDuck is a fan-favourite among Disney cruisers. It is the first water coaster at sea and you can find it onboard Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. Slide through the water-gushing acrylic tube that takes you all over the ship, providing epic ocean views. Both ships also have Mickey’s Slide and Mr. Ray’s Slide in the Nemo’s Reef area for the 8 and under cruisers.

Twister and Cyclone – Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival’s Twister and Cyclone are two of the most popular water slides at sea. Twister features a 300-foot-long corkscrew slide, while Cyclone offers a thrilling 450-foot-long ride that ends with a splash. Carnival Cruise Line is known for offering the largest fleet of waterparks at sea and each of the ships feature a spiralling water slide. 

Aqua Racer – Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian’s Aqua Racer is a tandem water slide that takes riders through several twists and turns before finishing with a splash. The fleet also houses The Drop, a 10-story free fall down the side of the side, and The Rush, a pair of intertwined racing tubes. 

Tidal Wave – Royal Caribbean

Tidal Wave on Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas is a boomerang-style slide, the first at sea, that takes riders up a steep incline, experiencing tidal weightlessness before dropping them down a reverse slope and into a splash pool. 

The Venom Drop – MSC Cruises

Okay, we know this isn’t a “water slide”, but it’s pretty cool! Descend from deck 20 to deck 8 at top speed on the longest dry slide at sea, aboard MSC World Europa. Add a little adventure into your voyage on this stainless steel work of art which is sure to become one of the most photographed locations on the ship.

Vertigo – MSC Cruises

MSC Preziosa claims the longest single rider waterslide at sea boasting 120 metres in length. The dark enclosed slides provides thrills with a nine metre transparent section looking down 18 decks to the ocean, living up to the name, Vertigo. 

Blaster – Royal Caribbean

Blaster is a high-speed water coaster that takes passengers on a tandem tube as five water jet blasters propel you along more than 245 metres of dips, drops and straights, on a winding journey around the ship. The slide even features uphill sections that provide a sensation of weightlessness. At the end, you’ll hurtle through an open-air chute – the longest stretch of slide ever suspended over water. 

AquaDunk – Disney Cruise Line

Disney’s AquaDunk is another thrilling slide that features a drop floor. Riders step into the capsule, the floor drops, and they are launched into a clear tube that extends 20 feet over the edge of the ship.

Epic Plunge – Norwegian Cruise Line

The Epic Plunge Slide on Norwegian Epic starts with a short enclosed tube ride before circling a large bowl, spinning ever closer to the centre. Once you get to the middle, you will fall into a small pool. The 61-metre slide is not a fast-paced thrill ride but appeals to all water slide fans.

Water slides have become an integral part of the entertainment options offered by cruise ships. With designs that range from high-speed coasters to boomerang-style slides, these water slides provide an exciting and thrilling experience for guests of all ages. So if you’re looking for a unique and adrenaline-pumping activity on your next cruise, be sure to check out these top 10 water slides onboard cruise ships.

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