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Responsible Travel Tips

Responsible Travel Tips

Even on a cruise holiday, where most things are done for us, there are ways that we can participate in “Responsible Travel”, so we’ve come up with our top tips! From sustainability to respecting local culture we’ve got plenty of ideas to share.

Responsible Travel Tips

Carry a Reusable Water Bottle

Bring a reusable water bottle with you. Using the gym onboard isn’t the only reason to take your water bottle on holiday with you… we all like to stay hydrated, so rather than buying bottled water on and off the ship, fill up in the buffet restaurant or use the filtered water stations – available onboard many ships these days. And when you’re ashore, enjoying a meal in a local restaurant, ask to fill your bottle for you before you leave. We can all do our bit to help reduce plastic waste.
Most UK airports also have handy filtered water taps for you to use too!

Travel Smarter

Opt for local transportation, cycling, or exploring on foot to immerse yourself in the local experience and discover hidden gems that may go unnoticed in a taxi. Research of the ports you’ll be visiting is key… and don’t be afraid to ask our cruise experts for their advice. If we’ve been there, then we’ll gladly share our insider knowledge with you.

Be Respectful

Dress comfortably and respectfully, ensuring to cover your shoulders and knees, and removing hats in traditional areas and places of worship.

Learn the Language

Engage with the locals to gain valuable insights into the culture, history, and culinary delights. Even if your pronunciation isn’t perfect, learning a few words of the local language using language learning apps or simple online searches will be appreciated.

Research local culture

Prioritise researching the local culture and staying updated on current news about your destination. Familiarise yourself with the cultural norms and significant historical events, fostering empathy and avoiding cultural faux pas that can make others uncomfortable.

Carry a reusable bag

Say no to plastic by carrying your own reusable bag, such as a cotton tote, when shopping in markets.

Shop & Eat Local

Support local businesses by purchasing locally made products, contributing directly to the local economy. Ditch the chain restaurants, and hunt out those hidden gems of restaurants and cafes. You’re visiting new destinations, so why eat the same as you would at home?! Discover delight in regional delicacies, using locally sourced food items – TripAdvisor is always a great go-to for recommendations.

Think of Animal Welfare

Refrain from participating in activities that involve physical interaction with animals.
For example; if you’re visiting Oia in Santorini and want to get to the top of the 278 steps without walking, then there is a cable car – it takes less than half the time, and costs the same (just €5), as the donkey rides that are still unfortunately being offered.
If you’re lucky enough to be going on Safari, or visiting a nature reserve/National Park, and you’ll be observing animals in the wild; remember to maintain a safe distance and avoid crowding them.

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