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Is Virgin Voyages for You?

Is Virgin Voyages for You?

Virgin Voyages has taken the cruise industry by storm with its fresh and unconventional approach to cruising. From the moment the Scarlet Lady set sail, the cruise line has been attracting attention and generating a loyal following. One of the key factors contributing to their success is their unique demographic focus.

Breaking the Stereotypes

When we think of traditional cruise lines, we often imagine a predominantly older crowd seeking relaxation and tranquility on board. However, Virgin Voyages has disrupted this stereotype entirely. They have crafted a concept appealing to a more youthful and adventurous demographic. This demographic shift has not only revitalised the cruise industry but also opened up exciting possibilities for young and young-at-heart travellers to experience cruising in an entirely new light.

The average age onboard the Lady ships is 44-47 years old. With 70% of guests being between the ages of 35-55, 10% of guests between the ages of 18-34 and 20% of guests are 56+. All of the lady ships are exclusively for adults.

Why Choose Virgin Voyages?

If you want:

  • to visit new places
  • to try new food experiences with variety, freshness and quality
  • to have something to look forward to
  • to bask in sunnier weather
  • to spend quality time with partners, family or friends

Then, Virgin Voyages is definitely the cruise for you!

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