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Cruising During Hurricane Season

Cruising During Hurricane Season

When booking a cruise to the Caribbean, Mexico, the Bahamas or even Canada across the Atlantic, it’s important to note when hurricane season is. If you are cruising during this period, there is a slim chance your cruise will be affected but in the event of a hurricane, changes to your itinerary might occur.

In this blog post, we have put together everything you might need to know to cruise through hurricane season with confidence.

When Is the Atlantic Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean is generally from June-November. This is the same for the Caribbean and the gulf of Mexico too. In the Western Caribbean, storms are more frequent from mid-September to early November.

Key Tips for Hurricane Season Cruises

Be flexible: Many Caribbean  cruises depart from Florida, Miami and San Juan which are frequent hurricane targets. You could consider booking a cruise from an alternative embarkation port outside of these zones during hurricane season.

Buy travel insurance: Travel insurance is essential for hurricane season cruises. Make sure the policy covers weather-related disruptions. It’s important to be prepared for the worst.

Keep an eye of weather predictions: Monitor the weather of your destinations a week before you leave to keep an eye on any hurricane or storm warnings. If they are likely, contact your travel agent in advance in case contingency plans are necessary.

How Safe Are Cruise Ships During Hurricanes?

All cruise lines that frequent the Caribbean have effective and well-prepared hurricane and tropical storm emergency response plans. They are well-rehearsed by each member of the crew so you can be reassured you are in safe hands. Measures include fitting ships with state of the art satellites to catch any changes in weather and designating an officer to monitor the weather.

While cruise ships can avoid storms and out-sail them, hurricanes tend to produce rough waters so make sure you come armed with seasickness medication.

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