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Virgin Voyages – Trying New Things Onboard

Virgin Voyages – Trying New Things Onboard

Jess C flew to Athens to join Virgin VoyagesResilient Lady for the final 7-night Adriatic Sea & Greek Gems itinerary of the season, in October 2023.

This was my third time with Virgin Voyages, but my first time actually spending a week aboard, so I was excited to have the time to try out venues/parties/experiences that I hadn’t previously. And, obviously, revisit my favourite restaurants to experience the divine dishes I’d been missing since my last cruise.

As a Sea Blazer, and someone eligible through the Status Match offer, I’m also a member of the Virgin Voyages Sailing Club. This means that I’m privy to a host of fantastic perks, including priority embarkation, so check-in at Piraeus (Athens) was a breeze!

You cannot help but smile as you board the ship… it’s a warm and energetic welcome from the Happenings Cast (Entertainment crew) and smiles/waves from absolutely everyone as you make your way to your cabin. I should add that it’s a later check-in in Piraeus, starting at 2pm. What this means is that your cabin is ready as soon as you board. No waiting around on the pool deck with hand luggage here!

I’m very much a social cruiser, so I love to meet new people and hear about their travel experiences. Having previously experienced the Korean restaurant Gunbae, I knew that this would be where I should start the voyage. Your table here is shared as a party of 6, and if you’re not travelling as a group then you’ll be sat with people you haven’t met before. Perfect! We were seated with a Canadian couple, and a couple from Puerto Rico, and quickly became fast friends – we met up for shows and dinner several more times throughout the cruise!

Trying New Things

Sailaway Party

As Resilient Lady shook off her tether, and left Piraeus, Aly – the Hostess – and Honey Heart – the Diva – made their self-introductions and took centre stage above the pool. This was where the party started. And, with half an hour of free-flowing bubbles, everyone was set for a 7-night voyage of fun!

Pyjama Party

This is always held on the first night at 11pm. It’s another great opportunity to get to know your fellow sailors early on in the voyage. And yes, sailors do make an effort with their pyjamas. With a complimentary cocktail on arrival, games, arts & crafts (yes really!) and a  best pyjamas competition on offer, in addition to fantastic dance tracks, this is a fun night! I should let you know that the winner of the competition won 2 tickets to the onboard show Another Rose, which is worth at least $100.

Razzle Dazzle for Dinner

I’ve always viewed Razzle Dazzle (an American themed “Vegetarian Forward” restaurant) as a fantastic breakfast/brunch venue. And, if, like me, you’re not a vegetarian don’t be thinking that there won’t be something that appeals on the evening menu. The vegetarian options are, of course, plentiful, inventive and undeniably tasty; but the meaty options are to die for! I recommend the chicken wings from the starters, and wholeheartedly encourage you to experience the lamb shank from the mains. I did hear that the blue cheese burger from the secret menu was divine too!

Salty Trivia & Karaoke with the Diva

Who doesn’t love a pub quiz?! Most nights in the Social Club you’ll find something going on. From fun quizzes with the Hostess or the Gamer to sensational karaoke with the Diva. Every one of these that I attended (and got properly involved in!) was excellent. They’re a perfect diversion between an early dinner and a main show.
If you’re hoping to watch an important sporting event whilst you’re onboard then the Social Club is where it’ll be shown. They had premiership football matches and the Rugby World Cup on. And if you don’t want to watch it with a crowd, then there’s a sports channel available on the TV in your cabin.

Premium Wi-Fi

I know, I know… basic Wi-Fi is already included in your fare with Virgin Voyages. As a recipient of the Deep Blue Extras, I actually received Premium Wi-Fi as a perk. If you also have these perks, just select it when activating your Wi-Fi package at the start of the cruise. The cost will be adjusted to $0 in the app wallet. Premium Wi-Fi is normally $150 for the week, and covers 2 devices, so if you’re just using your smartphones that’ll cover two people in the cabin!
The basic Wi-Fi is good enough for updating your social media and checking emails; but it’s got to be said… the Premium Wi-Fi is rocket-fuelled!


Yep, I’m one of those people… if I’m eating all that delectable food, then I also need to workout. I’ve always attended the HIIT and Bungee workout classes in the past (and this voyage was no exception). On this voyage I thought I’d hit B-Complex, and try out a couple of spin classes too. I chose the 8am classes because it’s October, so I knew I’d be cycling my way into gorgeous ports of call with a stunning sunrise. Both classes were brilliant, but I loved Arnold’s (one of the trainers) recommendation of “If you get tired, just dance!”.

Menu B in the Test Kitchen

The Test Kitchen – the experiential restaurant onboard – offers up a set 6-course menu of beautiful and quirky dishes. Did you know that the menu changes from Menu A to Menu B for second half of the cruise? Worth knowing if you’ve been onboard before, tried Test Kitchen, and thought “been there, done that”.

The Groupie

I absolutely love singing (even if no-one really likes listening to me…), so the private karaoke rooms are perfect! Located beyond the Sip Lounge, there’s a rather ordinary-looking door that opens between 1pm-5pm (and apparently after 10pm at night). Step into a foyer and add your name to a time-slot for one of the 3 rooms available. The rooms range in size from 2-4 to upto 10 people. In the room you’ll find ambient lighting, plush seating and a huge range of songs to choose from. Loved, loved, loved this! I shall be tormenting friends with my dulcet tones on our next voyage!

You Have To Try It To Love It!

You can tell that I’m completely sold on the Virgin Voyages way of cruising. From the ships’ decor and venues to the incredible entertainment, crew and phenomenal dining it’s an absolute winner. What I really enjoyed from my time onboard though, was meeting fellow travellers, that have cruised with so many other cruise lines (small ship, mainstream, 6-star luxury), and are all on the same page as me. They all told me that they didn’t “get it” until they were onboard themselves, and are nothing short of impressed.

The beauty of Virgin Voyages is that it doesn’t appeal to a specific sector of “the market”. It appeals to everyone, without being generic. It’s anything but generic! It’s a quiet moments cruise, with the opportunity to throw yourself into a party atmosphere (if you want it). It’s a foodie’s heaven ship, whilst still providing burger & chips (even a sweet counter!) for those not wanting to take their taste-buds on too wild an adventure. It’s a let-me-entertain-the-pants-off-you voyage; or space for social chit-chat over a glass of fine wine. It’s a tattooed or pierced statement of individuality, with an air of relaxed spa-infused luxury.

If you’re tempted to try Virgin Voyages for the first time, or can’t wait to get back onboard for your next cruise, call our Cruise Experts for more info and to book on 02380 658 386. Search for your Virgin Voyages cruise here.

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