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MSC Meraviglia

MSC Meraviglia

launched 2017

tonnage 167,600

length 316 m

crew 1,536

capacity 5,714

MSC Meraviglia is packed with extraordinary features for the perfect experience at sea in any season. Enjoy outstanding dining options and out-of-this-world entertainment with new panoramic areas, an innovative ocean-view aft lounge, a two-deck “inside promenade” with a 480m2 LED dome and a spectacular amusement area connected to an outdoor water park. Also, MSC Meraviglia is one of the four ships that sail to our exclusive Bahamian destination Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve.

Your cruise experience is at the centre of everything we do. To help make your holiday with us truly memorable, we give you the chance to tailor your experience to your needs and desires. For example, you can either leave the choice of cabin to us and benefit from the best rates available, or choose your own ideal cabin and location, while enjoying extra flexibility and additional benefits to make your cruise even more special.

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MSC Yacht Club Royal Suite

  • Surface approx. 56 sqm, balcony approx 12 sqm, Deck 15
  • Balcony with private whirlpool bath and dining table
  • Separate living area and dining room
  • Bathroom with tub and shower, vanity area with hairdryer
  • Comfortable double or single beds (on request)
  • Walk-in wardrobe
  • Wifi connection include
  • Interactive TV, telephone, safe and minibar

Size, layout and furniture may vary from that shown (within the same cabin category)

The image is representative only

MSC Yacht Club Duplex Suite with Whirlpool

  • Surface approx. 59 sqm with a balcony approx. 23 sqm, deck 9-12, with dining table and private whirlpool bath
  • Two-deck-high cabin
  • Easy access to the Yacht Club areas
  • Main level
  • Open living/dining room with sofa that converts to double bed
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Second level
  • Master bedroom with double bed which can be converted into two single beds (on request)
  • Two walk in wardrobes.
  • Bathroom with tub
  • Wifi connection included
  • Interactive TV, telephone, safe and minibar

Size, layout and furniture may vary from that shown (within the same cabin category)

The image is representative only

MSC Yacht Club Deluxe Suite

  • Surface approx. 26-29 sqm, balcony approx 5-15 sqm, deck 14-18
  • Balcony
  • Sitting area with sofa
  • Spacious wardrobe
  • Bathroom with shower or bathtub , vanity area with hairdryer
  • Comfortable double or single beds (on request)
  • Wifi connection included
  • Interactive TV, telephone, safe and minibar

Size, layout and furniture may vary from that shown (within the same cabin category)

The image is representative only

MSC Yacht Club Interior

  • Surface approx. 17 sqm, deck 14-16
  • Spacious wardrobe
  • Bathroom with shower or bathtub , vanity area with hairdryer
  • Comfortable double or single beds (on request)
  • Wifi connection included
  • Interactive TV, telephone, safe and minibar

Size, layout and furniture may vary from that shown (within the same cabin category)

The image is representative only

Grand Suite Aurea with Terrace and Whirlpool

  • Surface approx. 39 sqm, large balcony approx 36 sqm with its own private whirlpool bath, Deck 12
  • Walk-in Wardrobe. Setting Area with double sofa bed.
  • Bathroom with shower, vanity area with hairdryers.
  • Double bed can be converted into two single beds (on request).
  • Interactive TV, telephone and safe.
  • Wifi connection available (for a fee).
  • Mini bar. Air conditioning.

Size, layout and furniture may vary from that shown (within the same cabin category)

The image is representative only

Premium Suite Aurea with Terrace and Whirlpool

  • Surface approx. 27 sqm, with balcony approx 26-30 sqm with its own private whirlpool bath, deck 9-13.
  • Spacious Wardrobe.
  • Setting area with double sofa bed.
  • Bathroom with shower vanity area with hairdryers.
  • Double bed can be converted into two single beds (on request).
  • Mini bar. Air conditioning.
  • Interactive TV, telephone and safe.
  • Wifi connection available (for a fee).

Size, layout and furniture may vary from that shown (within the same cabin category)

The image is representative only


  • Surface approx 12-22 sqm, balcony approx 2-14 sqm
  • Sitting area with sofa
  • Comfortable double or single beds (on request)
  • Interactive TV, telephone, Wifi connection available (for a fee), safe and minibar
  • Bathroom with shower or bathtub , vanity area with hairdryer
  • Choose the cabin type that best suits you:
  • Balcony Aurea (best ship position, surface approx 17 sqm, deck 10-13)
  • Premium Balcony (surface approx 22 sqm, deck 10-14)
  • Deluxe Balcony (surface approx 17 sqm, deck 8-14)
  • Deluxe Balcony with Partial View (surface approx 17-20 sqm, deck 8-14)
  • Studio Balcony (single use, surface approx 12 sqm, deck 13-14)

*Including cabins for guests with disabilities or reduced mobility, which are larger.

Size, layout and furniture may vary from that shown (within the same cabin category)

The image is representative only

Ocean View

  • Surface approx. 12-22 sqm, deck 5-11
  • Window with sea view
  • Relaxing armchair
  • Bathroom with shower, vanity area with hairdryer
  • Comfortable double or single beds (on request)
  • Interactive TV, telephone, Wifi connection available (for a fee), safe and minibar
  • Choose the cabin type that best suits you:
  • Premium Ocean view (surface approx 22 sqm, deck 9-11)
  • Deluxe Ocean View (surface approx 16 sqm, Deck 5)
  • Junior Ocean View (surface approx 12 sqm, Deck 8)
  • Junior Ocean View with obstructed view (surface approx 12 sqm, Deck 8)

Size, layout and furniture may vary from that shown (within the same cabin category)

The image is representative only


  • Surface approx 12-22 sqm, deck 5-14
  • Relaxing armchair
  • Bathroom with shower, vanity area and hairdryer
  • Comfortable double or single beds (on request)
  • Interactive TV, telephone, Wifi connection available (for a fee), safe and minibar
  • Choose the cabin type that best suits you:
  • Deluxe Interior (surface approx 17-22 sqm, deck 5-14)
  • Studio Interior (single use, surface approx 12 sqm, deck 5-14)

Size, layout and furniture may vary from that shown (within the same cabin category)

The image is representative only

Deck 19

Deck 18

Deck 16

Deck 15

Deck 14

Deck 13

Deck 12

Deck 11

Deck 10

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Deck 7

Deck 6

Deck 5

Panorama Restaurant

Panorama Restaurant is located on deck 6.

Ocean Cay

A mouthwatering Seafood menu of fish dishes including oven baked rock salt crust whole Mediterranean seabass, steam king prawns, Boston lobster, brown crabs, oyster, tiger prawns seafood platter to share and so much more, made with the freshest ingredients and complemented by a wonderful international fine wines list: these are the magic ingredients of our fish Seafood restaurant on MSC Meraviglia. 

Butcher’s Cut

This American-style steak house serves select Linz heritage angus beef, gold standard in high-end angus beef thanks to the best genetics in breed. The highest quality product custom cut by master butchers and aged to perfection. The menu is inspired by the great plains and it is accompanied by bold New World wines and cocktails with swagger.

Kaito Teppanyaki

Tradition and modernity go hand in hand in this stylish teppanyaki restaurant and sushi restaurant. This charming venue offers deliciously authentic Asian cuisine prepared on the spot with only the freshest, highest quality ingredients. 

Marketplace Buffet

Open 20 hours a day, the buffet offers an impressive array of Mediterranean specialities and international dishes∘ produced in open kitchens. Family fare, ethnic cuisine, healthy options and a multitude of other tastes and dietary needs are catered for, round the clock.

HOLA! Tapas Bar by Ramón Frexia

HOLA! Tapas Bar welcomes you into an amazing culinary experience created by the renowned Spanish chef Ramón Freixa, awarded two Michelin Stars. Designed as a social, dining experience where guests∘ can enjoy shared plates and a wonderful celebration of the Mediterranean cuisine. 

Kaito Sushi Bar

Tradition and modernity go hand in hand in this stylish sushi restaurant. This charming venue offers deliciously authentic Asian∘ cuisine prepared on the spot with only the freshest, highest quality ingredients.

MSC Yacht Club Restaurant

MSC Cruises is renowned for the quality of its cuisine, and the MSC Yacht Club is no exception.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in a fully dedicated∘ restaurant, with sophisticated à la carte menus, ranging from deliciously healthy to superb indulgent.

In addition, the Top Sail Lounge and The One Pool offer a wide range of buffet snacks throughout the day.

Crepes & Gelato

Crepes & Gelato

Waves Restaurant

Waves Restaurant is located on deck 5.

L’Olive Dorée – L’Olivo D’Oro

L’Olive Dorée – L’Olivo D’Oro is located on deck 6.

Polar Aquapark

High jinks and water are two elements you’ll find plenty of at the on-board Waterpark, perfect for people of all ages to unwind and have tons of aquatic∘ fun. Among the features are twisting slides, a range of pools and activities to suit every age group. 

Himalayan Bridge

Check out our Himalayan Bridge to take an 80-m sky walk across a suspension bridge located at the aft of the vessel at a height of some 60 metres above sea level. A truly unique place to take your daily constitutional, with superb ocean views thrown in for good measure.

F1 Simulators

Our amazing on-board F1 Simulator delivers an adrenaline-pumping virtual-reality race, with you in the driver’s seat of an F1 racing car. Go head to head against other racers and thrill to the feel of engines gunning. Huge fun for the young∘ and the young at heart, regardless of who wins the race.

Broadway Theatre

You’d normally have to travel to New York to see top-end shows, but thanks to our Broadway-style theatres you can enjoy superlative entertainment∘ with an international line-up of artists without having to leave the ship. Take your pick from a fabulous programme, there’s sure to be a show you love.                                                

Horizon Ampitheatre

The Horizon pool offers yet more open-air deck space for sun worshippers during the daylight hours. At night the area will be transformed∘ into a stunning outdoor spot for dancing and entertainment.

Virtual Games Arcade

While away a few enjoyable hours of game play at the Arcade∘ on board the ship. Pit your wits and skill against those of your friends in any number of typical arcade options, including video games, pinball and more. Great fun guaranteed.

Flight Simulator

Live the thrill of flying at high altitudes through our cutting edge Flight Simulator. You’ll experience the amazing feelings and views as if you were at the controls of a real plane!

Bowling Alley

Strike! That’s what you want to hear every time the bowling ball barrels down the alley. See whether you have the knack and play against your family and friends∘ to crown the bowling champion in your midst.

Galleria Meraviglia

This 96 m central promenade is filled with boutiques, restaurants and tranquil spots for shopping, eating and relaxing… as well as socialising. And in the evening, it comes alive with music, parties and entertainment.

The entire ceiling of the inside promenade is covered by a giant 480 sq.m. LED screen transmitting visual magic round the clock: an atmospheric∘ digital sky that animates the whole area from above with inspiring vistas, events, sunrises, sunsets and starry night skies.

TV Studio & Bar

This high-tech, multi-purpose space houses a radio broadcast suite and a TV studio broadcasting live games, quizzes, talent contests and other fun content across the ship. It also serves as an atmospheric comedy club, karaoke bar and live music venue.

Casino Imperiale

Our casinos are elegantly designed, featuring games for all types of players. You’ll be able to try your hand at Roulette or Blackjack, challenge yourself at one of our Poker tables, or choose among a variety of slot machines.

Brass Anchor Pub

A British-style pub serving food and drinks.

Edge Cocktail Bar

Meraviglia’s cocktail bar.

Carousel Lounge

The place for meetings and talks, and in the evening it is used for the Cirque du Soleil at Sea performances.

Champagne Bar

Raise a glass to a great vacation at the Champagne Bar: an effervescent selection of champagne and sparkling wine and an incredible seafood selection.

Sports Bar

Watch the game, or simply relax with a great choice of American or international beer, cocktails, spirits and more at this American-style sports bar.

Top Sail Lounge

Luxurious accommodation and exclusive services are only the beginning. The MSC Yacht Club also boasts a range of superb private areas, from the elegant Top Sail Lounge with its panoramic views to the stylish restaurant and the One Pool Deck∘ complete with private swimming pool, whirlpool baths, sun deck and bar.

Jean-Philippe Maury Chocolaterie

The Chocolat & Cafe venue is a large chocolate shop, with demonstrations, desserts and the opportunity to create your own chocolates.

Sky Lounge

Bar and lounge with panoramic views.

MSC Yacht Club

An exclusive haven of refinement

Discover a ship within a ship. A place where you can savour exclusivity and privacy in a world of choice. Where you can indulge in the luxury of a private club, while enjoying access to the myriad recreation and entertainment possibilities that the rest of the ship affords.

Welcome to the MSC Yacht Club∘ a cruise experience like no other.

Meraviglia Bar & Lounge

Large bar and lounge area, with live music during the events and events held throughout the cruise.

Polar Bar

Drinks and ice cream by the pool.

Infinity Bar & Atrium

The Infinity Bar is on deck 5

Atmosphere Bar

The Atmosphere bar is next to the Atmosphere pool and serves drinks, coffees and ice cream.

4D Cinema

Visit our on-board 4D Cinema for a chance to enter a world of adventure without having to leave the comfort of your seat. Enjoy a unique cinematic∘ experience, full of surprising features and visual effects.

Photo Shop

Smile! Our professional team of photographers∘ constantly roam the ship, capturing wonderful memories every day. Be sure to stroll through the Photo Gallery daily, so you don’t miss one of their great shots of you and your loved ones enjoying your cruise.


There is a library on board.

Shops & Boutiques

There are a variety of shops and boutique onboard. From the MSC Logo shop that sells MSC clothes, souvenirs and toys, Le Parfum selling a range of cosmetics and perfumes including Dior and Marc Jacobs.

La Boutique, on deck 6 sells men’s, women’s and children’s fashion with brands including Polo, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and Armani, with sunglasses, watches and fashion jewellery.

The Duty Free Shop sells a range of tobaccos, liquors and snacks and is located on deck 6.

MSC Aurea Spa

MSC Aurea Spa boasts an exotic interior of natural stone, precious woods and rich mosaics, and is equipped with specific and massage treatment suites. Being pampered by a traditional Balinese Massage is a truly unique experience. Thanks to a blend of scented essences and aromatic oils, your body is enveloped in an endlessly peaceful and relaxing aura.

Atmosphere Pool

Beautiful lighting, a giant screen and atmospheric design make the main pool area even more alluring after dark.

MSC Gym by Technogym

Fitted with authentic TechnoGym® equipment and featuring panoramic∘ ocean views, the on-board gym is the place to be for all those who take their fitness regime seriously. Hone your physique with a full set of TechnoGym® apparatus every day of your cruise to look better than ever before.

Top 19 Exclusive Solarium

Solarium on the 19th deck, the top of the ship.

MSC Yacht Club Pool

An exclusive pool for MSC Yacht Club guests only.

Horizon Pool

The Horizon pool offers yet more open-air deck space for sun worshippers during the daylight hours. At night the area will be transformed into a stunning outdoor spot for dancing and entertainment.


The large and spacious amusement park provides a large arena where young guests can play sports and games during the daytime… then socialise, party and dance the evenings away.

Bamboo Pool

Bamboo Pool is located on deck 15.

Hair Salon

Refresh your look with a new hairstyle! There are different packages which include a personalised shampoo & conditioning mask, a haircut and a single process colour treatment. Leave the salon styled and ready for a great evening onboard.

Barber Shop

Inside the MSC Aurea Spa there’s a dedicated Barber Shop to keep you looking at your best during your time on board! Leave the salon styled and ready for a great evening.

Beauty Salon

You can enjoy the expertise of highly specialised staff in aesthetic treatments to offer you excellent results and improve the relaxing effects of your cruise. Customize your cruise with the best treatments for your body. Unwind and feel fantastic! 

Thermal Area

Get a lasting sensation of absolute wellbeing that will accompany you well beyond your cruise. All our ships are equipped with a Thermal Area where you can enjoy a soothing sauna, a relaxing steam or an invigorating whirlpool bath.

Medi Spa Center

Relaxing on one of our ships will do wonders for you, but we also have a few secrets on board to help you look and feel even better. Make the most of our range of safe and effective Anti-Ageing treatments and return from your cruise visibly rejuvenated.

Power Walking Track

Enjoying time off on your cruise doesn’t need to mean letting your fitness routine slide, so gear up and rendezvous with the power walking and jogging track on deck to get your daily exercise fix while also savouring outstanding ocean views.


Come to the outdoor Basketball court at the Sport Center for a chance to hang out with friends, have fun shooting hoops and enjoy a full-body workout at the same time. You may not make the latest line-up of the Harlem Globetrotters, but you’re sure to have a great time.

Tennis Court

Anyone for tennis? Play to your heart’s content at the outdoor tennis court of our on-board Sport Center. Tennis is ideal for getting some healthy activity, honing your hand-to-eye coordination and having loads of fun. Game, set and match to you.


Fast-paced, energetic and a ton of fun to play, volleyball is one of the world’s most popular team sports and one you can enjoy at the outdoor volleyball court at the on-board Sport Center. Burn some calories and get a thorough cardio-vascular workout while you land a kill and beat the opposing team.

Five-a-side Football

Fancy a game of footy? Your wish can be granted at the outdoor five-a-side football pitch at the Sport Center. Team up with some friends or family and play a match against another on-board team. A great way to have fun, get active and turn strangers into friends.

Bike Tours

One of the best ways to explore a city is from the seat of a bicycle. Hit the road on your next MSC Cruise on a MSC BIKE ADVENTOURS experience.

See, hear, smell and feel the destination like never before. You’re guaranteed to leave with a deeper connection.

Sustainable Shore Excursions: MSC Protectours

What are Protectours

We are committed to preserving a beautiful world for future generations to enjoy. By focusing on environmental sustainability, PROTECTOURS contribute to that vital goal. 70% of the tours involve activities with zero environmental impact – like walking, cycling, or kayaking – while others make a direct contribution to the environment, for example, tree planting or beach cleaning. So, you can enjoy original insights into the natural world while preserving its beauty and helping to ensure a greener future!

A world of amazing experiences

PROTECTOURS offer you unforgettable experiences in close contact with nature and communities in a variety of environments around the world. Local guides, with an expertise in wildlife or traditions, will help you save baby sea turtles in the Caribbean, clean the desert in Abu Dhabi, explore Iceland by horseback, or immerse yourself in Corfu’s beautiful countryside and the magical world of bees.

MSC Cruises and the environment

Our love and respect for the marine environment are reflected in our certified eco-ships, with their innovative systems for energy saving, waste treatment and recycling. Naturally, our commitment to the environments extends to our onshore activities too. PROTECTOURS is not only a way to offer our guests a variety of eco-friendly shore excursions, but also a means of encouraging our onshore partners to develop tours that pay ever more attention to environmental sustainability. Just one example is that no single-use plastic or other items are accepted on these tours.

MSC Family Explorer Club

MSC Family Explorer Club

Explore the destination together on a fun filled family adventure, inspired by history and designed to cover all the highlights.

Family friendly programming

Tours typically start later in the morning, are shorter in duration and are accompanied by expert guides and story tellers

Tours that the whole family can enjoy

Each experience is developed to keep both children entertained while also providing an enriching and educational experience for adults

Family-Friendly Prices 50% off

Children tickets are always half-price

Peace of Mind

When you choose an MSC Family Explorer Club you can relax in the knowledge that all our tours are operated by carefully selected partners who can easily make contact with your ship throughout the day.

Easy & Accessible Excursions

Explore each destination at your own pace

Our Easy & Accessible Tours make exploring comfortable for everyone!

These tours allow slow walkers, wheelchair, scooter users and any guests that like to leisurely explore, to visit the best each destination has to offer on easy tours created just for them. Through specifically selected itineraries and specially designed tours, guests will be able to enjoy step free routes at their own pace, experiencing the wonders of our destinations in total comfort. Special needs vehicles will be available to accommodate small groups, and tours itineraries will always include access to special needs restrooms.

Please note that vehicles and their wheelchair & scooter requirements (width, height, weight) vary from tour to tour so make sure to carefully check the specific requirements within each tour description.

Medical Facilities

All MSC cruise ships have a well-equipped Medical Centre, supervised by a ship’s doctor and other medical personnel. The Medical Centre is open at the times advertised in the ship’s Daily Programme. Emergency services are available round the clock by calling the Medical Emergency number. Excluding emergencies, medical services carry a fee and prices are available on board. Guests who incur medical expenses during their cruise can ask their insurance company for reimbursement once ashore.


Guests undergoing peritoneal dialysis treatment can travel as normal, bringing with them all medicines and equipment that may be required during the cruise. The relevant medical treatment is available through the on-board medical facilities.

Equipment and machinery for haemodialysis treatment will only be carried on board by specialized independent companies on certain routes. For further information on this service, please contact your travel agent.

Disabled Facilities & Special Needs

Cabin Facilities

Accessible cabins, fitted out especially for guests with disabilities and/or reduced mobility, are available on every ship in the fleet. Guests requiring an accessible cabin can request it at the time of booking.

The accessible cabins are larger and offer more space for movement than regular cabins, and come with extra facilities and equipment to meet special needs.

Reduced Mobility

All decks, public areas and tenders are designed to be as accessible as possible for guests with reduced mobility. There might be ports or tender services you may not access with a mobility device as we cannot lift it. In addition, there are varying numbers of specially fitted-out cabins available on each ship in the fleet. For safety reasons, guests requiring assistance may be requested to travel with a carer, depending on the specific route.

Wheelchairs are available on board our ships, for the use of guests during embarkation and disembarkation only, or in case of emergency. Guests that require constant use of a wheelchair or any other form of support must bring their own equipment with them. It is the responsibility of the guest to check with the relevant producers/suppliers that this equipment is safe to take on board and use on a cruise ship, and to organise both its delivery to the departure terminal in good time for embarkation, and its collection at the end of the cruise.

For detailed information on the ports of call and excursions suitable for passengers who experience mobility problems, read the relevant pages in this section, and once on board check the accuracy of the information provided.

Hearing Impairments

For safety reasons, guests with hearing disabilities must travel with a carer. Passengers with partial hearing disabilities can travel alone, only if they request the installation of a TDD System kit in their cabin. This kit, available in limited numbers on all ships, includes light and vibrating devices, a text phone and an analogue alarm clock.

Furthermore, wireless amplifiers and indicator lights are available in the theatre and other rooms. Indicator lights are also available in the lifts.

Children with Special Needs

Children with special needs have normal access to all on-board services and facilities. Although the entertainment staff do not offer a childcare service, they are trained to provide a wide range of entertainment aimed specifically at children.

All children, including those with special needs, are assigned to a certain entertainment area depending on their age. If necessary, children or young people with special needs can be placed with a lower age group (with the agreement of their parents), or they can take part in specific activities, together with their parents if required.

Special Dietary Requirements

Guests with food intolerances and/or allergies are asked to inform MSC Cruises of their requirements through the Special Needs Form, and, once on board, to confirm their needs at the Reception – Guest Service and/or with the Maître d’Hôtel. If informed in advance, on-board staff will be happy to assist guests in choosing dishes that do not contain foods or ingredients that could cause an allergic reaction.

MSC Cruises has obtained a certification from Bureau Veritas to provide gluten-free menus worldwide (food code: < 20 ppm*) in the main restaurants of MSC Seaside, MSC Seaview, MSC Meraviglia, MSC Preziosa, MSC Divina, MSC Splendida, MSC Fantasia, MSC Magnifica, MSC Poesia, MSC Orchestra and MSC Musica. All gluten-free recipes are prepared by skilled personnel in dedicated kitchens on board, using products stored in special areas in accordance with the “Cruises Project” of the Associazione Italiana Celiachia (Italian Coeliac Association) with which MSC works closely for the above ships, cruising in the Mediterranean and in Northern Europe. On MSC Armonia, MSC Sinfonia, MSC Opera and MSC Lirica guests can find only pre-packaged gluten-free snacks such as, biscuits, croissants, sponge cakes and muffins.

Once MSC Grandiosa and MSC Bellissima are launched, we will complete the certification process with Bureau Veritas that will allow us to offer gluten-free menus on these ships as well. The process is expected to be completed within 1 month after the launch of the ships, so please check availability of gluten-free menus at time of booking.

For any other requirements not expressly mentioned in this section, please get in touch with your travel agent.

*MSC gluten free menus are suitable for gluten intolerance, but not in case of gluten allergy.

Dress Code

Casual wear is advised∘ is advised for life onboard and shore excursions. For informal evenings, summery dresses for women and a lightweight jacket for men are recommended. For Gala evenings∘ and Parties, slightly more formal dress is advised. For any formal evenings, cocktail dresses for ladies∘ and a lightweight suit or dinner jacket for the gentlemen onboard.

MSC Cruises∘ advise bringing a jumper or shawl in your luggage to be prepared for changes in temperature in-between the air conditioned interior of the ship and the deck areas.

For visits to religious sites, appropriate∘ clothing is recommended. This means covering knees, shoulders, and no low-cut tops.

Smoking Policy

In line with global standards, smoking areas∘ on board are fewer than non-smoking areas and are indicated by signage and ashtrays. 

Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted in cabins, on cabin balconies and anywhere∘ not expressly indicated by signage and ashtrays.

The Company reserves the right to levy a fee should passengers be found smoking in non-designated areas of the vessel. Repeatedly smoking∘ in non-smoking areas can ultimately lead to disembarkation.

We remind you that throwing cigarette butts or anything else overboard at sea is strictly prohibited as it may seriously put in danger safety at sea.


Wi-Fi is available on board all MSC ships (at a fee).

Satellite Internet Access is available in all public areas of the ship and in most cabins, including all MSC Yacht Club suites. All you need is one of our Satellite Internet Access packages and a mobile internet device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.).

Standard Internet

Ideal for limited internet usage, the “Standard Internet ” package lets you access all social networks and chat APPs, check email and browse the web. Up to 2 devices. internet data amount may vary depending on the lenght of the cruise

Premium Internet

Full Internet package, perfect for heavy users or families. This package allows to connect up to 4-device and offers full web browsing, access to all social networks and chat APP and email checking. Internet data amount may vary depending on the lenght of the cruise.

Chat & Social

Get Your Social Notifications during the day. This package allows to connect 1 device to social networks and chat apps – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Snapchat, WeChat, Pinterest, VK, Odnoklassniki, Sinaweibo, Qzone, Line. You can post photos, bu audio and video are not available.

Onboard Languages

The company uses six main languages for its communications: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. The order in which these languages appear is determined exclusively by the number of guests in each language group as a proportion of our total guests. The cabin information booklet and other printed material used on board are available in different versions for each of the six languages listed above. The order of the languages used in our menus changes depending on the area of the world in which each ship is located.

Service Animals

Suitably trained and certified guide dogs are allowed on board all ships, assuming that they are in a good state of health and possess all necessary documents for entering the foreign countries visited during the cruise.

The guest will be informed in advance about the accommodation made for the animal, the facilities available (if required) and the embarking and disembarking procedure.

The guest is personally responsible (with the aid of the carer if applicable) for the custody, feeding and general care of the animal during the whole stay on board.


The medical facilities and equipment on board may not be technically adequate to deal with a birth or pregnancy complications. Therefore, for safety reasons, we cannot admit women on board who will have reached or exceeded their twenty-fourth week of pregnancy by the end of the cruise. Regardless of the stage of pregnancy, a doctor should be consulted before setting off on a cruise to evaluate whether the guest is fit to travel.

Charting a Sustainable Future

For us sustainability means protecting the environment, supporting the people who work with us and choose to travel with us, as well as the communities and places that we visit and do business with.

Our sustainability programme is organised around four key pillars: Planet, People, Place and Procurement. This translates into a drive to continuously improve our fleet’s environmental performance; caring for all employees and promoting diversity and inclusion; working to ensure that our impact on the coastal communities that we reach remains positive; and responsibly sourcing the products and services that we purchase.

Sustainability it also means putting the safety of our crew and guests at the center of everything. In 2020, due to the extraordinary circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic we had to halt all our operations and repatriate thousands of guests and crew home in a matter of days. Furthermore we had to secure our business, adapt our operations and prepare for a safe return of guests thanks to an industry-leading Health & Safety protocol.

Other Details

Adults Only: Kids allowed

Childrens Facilities: Available

Nursery: Babysitting

Smoking: Some

Gratuities: SERVICE CHARGES / GRATUITIES Service Charge / Gratuities are included in the cruise fare. Tips MSC Cruises does not recommend tipping individual members of staff.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/MSC_Cruises_UK

Facebook: http://facebook.com/MSC.Cruises.UK

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